FILM 2020
Lithic Coda

Lithic Coda (2020), still
Lithic Coda is an epilogue for two bodies, one human and one rock. A raincoated dancer – a ripple in time originating from Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 psychological drama Persona – encounters a floating, animate rock.

Lithic Coda (2020), still

Lithic Coda (2020), still
Lithic Coda (2020)
4K, stereo, colour
8:44 minutes

Dancer: Thibault Lac
Geologist: Sara Eliason
Voices: Antoine Arquié and Thibault Lac
Camera assistant: Staffan Enström
Sound recordist: Anders Nyström
Costume and styling: Scott Ramsay-Kyle and Bronwen Marshall with clothes by Christopher Raeburn
With a sample from Persona, 1966, Ingmar Bergman including audio commentary by Marc Gervais
Translation: Elaine Bolton, Hélène Gibbings and Petter Yxell
Editing assistance: Nella Aarne
Cinematography, editing, visual effects and sound design: Sam Smith

Originally produced for Prototype.

Thank you to Prototype’s partner Arcadia Films and Prototype Care Package’s project partners Institute of Modern Art and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

Thank you to Prototype’s Patreon community: Felix Hubble, John Edmond, Janice Lorek, Marcus Whale, Kate Rayson, TJ Davis, Mary Carroll, Kim Munro, Sam Vincent and Alan Gatiss.

Special thanks to Alexandra Burke, Brucebo Artist House, Lauren Carroll Harris, Marco Marcon, Anna Norberg, Johanna Pietikäinen, Helena Selder, Soula Veyradier, Suderbyn Ecovillage and Georgie Wills.

Lithic Coda is an epilogue to Lithic Choreographies, originally commissioned by International Art Space and produced with the support of Baltic Art Center.