FILM 2018
Lithic Choreographies
Lithic Choreographies, trailer
Lithic Choreographies is an experimental documentary that blends historical data, daily routines and speculative fictions to chronicle different chapters embedded to the Swedish island of Gotland's geological strata. The film seeks to re-imagine our modes of engagement with and contributions to ecological assemblages by focussing a lens on minerals circulated in economic, cultural and agricultural contexts, culminating in a choreography between a human dancer and a rock.

Lithic Choreographies (2018), installation view, Gotland Art Museum, Sweden

Lithic Choreographies (2018), installation view, Gotland Art Museum, Sweden

Lithic Choreographies (2018), installation view, Gotland Art Museum, Sweden
Lithic Choreographies (2018)
4K DCP, 3.1, colour
47 minutes

A film by Sam Smith

Dancer: Thibault Lac
Gotland Museum: Sara Eliason
Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage:
Antoine Arquié, Ana García Barbé, Femke Blom, Alisa Dendro, Bettina Donkó, Florent Golin, Kamuran Kıvanç Kaftanoğlu, Sergii Lutchenko, Sarah Monnier, Laura Vass
Grostäde: Gabriel Norberg O'sullivan
The Hologram: Jan Luthman
Department of Archaeology and Ancient History (Campus Gotland, Uppsala University): Olivia Gustafsson And Hanna Sjöberg
Fire: Hans-Ove Hellström
Brucebo Artist House: Johanna Pietikäinen
Guta Saga: Lars Kruthof

Cinematography, Editing, Visual Effects and Sound Design: Sam Smith
Camera Assistants: Staffan Enström, Oskar Pedersen
Sound Recordist: Anders Nyström
Dubbing Mixer: Matt Coster for Audio Uproar
Costume and Styling: Scott Ramsay-Kyle And Bronwen Marshall
with clothes by Christopher Raeburn
Research and Editing Assistance: Nella Aarne
The Hologram text: Nella Aarne And Sam Smith
Translation: Elaine Bolton, Hélène Gibbings, Petter Yxell

Opening narration
Guta Saga: The History of the Gotlanders

Brucebo Artist House
Artwork by Carolina Benedicks-Bruce and William Blair Bruce

Film clip
The Virgin Spring (Jungfrukällan), Ingmar Bergman, 1960

Special thanks to Helen Beltrame-Linné, Angelica Blomhage, Marco Marcon, Tom Mels, Freya Mitton, Anna Norberg, Hanna Wärff Radhe, Helena Selder, Julie Smith, Robin Smith, Dr. Gustaf Svedjemo, Soula Veyradier

Film på Gotland
Paola Ciliberto, Sandra Fröberg and Ville Jegerhjelm

An International Art Space commission for spaced 3: north by southeast
Produced with the support of Baltic Art Center